EXANTEN celebrations come to a close with our final anniversary event held in Rovinj, Croatia

EXANTE held its eighth and final 10th anniversary event in Rovinj, Croatia on 20 October 2021. EXANTEN Croatia coincided with a Zagreb Stock Exchange conference ‒ Challenge of Change, of which EXANTE was a sponsor.

During the event, Lovro Banfic, a senior account manager for EXANTE, discussed the current global market trends and our investment services. 

We have built our own infrastructure and DMA trading solutions to ensure advanced functionality, ease-of-use, high performance and near-zero latencies. We also offer branded White Label brokerage platform solutions to financial organisations in Croatia and across the globe that can be launched in a matter of weeks.
We would like to thank our guests in all eight event locations for making our EXANTEN celebrations so very special and memorable. We wouldn’t be here without your continued support. We look forward to many more years of success together! 

Источник: Exante.eu

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